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Jain Center Design

Download / View PDf file - Plan 21 Nov 2007
Download / View PDf file - SEC A C
Download / View PDf file - SEC B D


Jain Center Update

Chronological Events

Sept 2005 Jain center Property Purchased
Oct 2005 Jain temple Planning Started
Jan 2006 Initial Inquiry into various Architects and Marble Suppliers
May 2006 Preliminary design by Trivedi Tectonics India
Jun 2006 Preliminary Discussions with Local Architect Amaro Taquechel
Nov 2006 Governing Council formed for final temple design and suppliers  :
Download Design Docs
Feb 2007 Final Negotiations with Trivedi Tectonics and Jaipur Murti Maker : View PDf file
Mar 2007 Contract Signed for Marble work with Trivedi tectonics : View PDf file
Jul 2007 Building Permit process with City started
Aug 2007 Building Permit Issued
Sept 2007 RFP for General Contractor issued RFP Letter
Nov 2007 BHA Inc chosen as General Contractor  View PDf file
Nov 2007 Labh Pancham Initial work commenced with Prayer
Dec 2007 Demolition Work Started
Mar 2008 First of Three Containers left India
Mar 2008 Shilanyas Ceremony was performed at the Jain center
Special Tamra Patra with Blessings from Shamanijis.
April 2008 First container arrives in Miami
May 2008 Various Marble Issues were managed with Trivedi
July 2008 Second of Three container Left India
Sept 2008 Second Container Finally received in Miami
Oct 2008 Murti work in Jaipur
Nov 2008 Last and Third container left India
Dec 2008 Marble Installation Work Started
Feb 2009 Temple is showcased to the community
Mar 2009 Certificate of Occupancy Received
Apr 2009 Pratishtha Mahotsav (Pratishtha Details)

Download / View PDf file : Temple Update : 26 February 2009

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Memory (MJ,Pratishtha)




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